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Know Your Commies

If socialism or communism are the only alternatives to FascismCount Me In!

Who we are:

What kinda' "socialist" R I ?

I have never known there were so many kinds of socialism, oh wait a minute maybe I did....but I didnt realize that they all had their own names. I think its something that there can be so many different idealism's and philosophies all lumped together under the umbrella of one word...oh wait a minute, yes there is religion, say Christian and how many different divisions and sects do you get? See what I mean? Our differences go on and on as we our own selves do, but meanwhile, however futile or impossible it may seem,.. we must continue in the struggle for a better world and working towards the good and betterment of mankind and the earth and the animals in it. 

Libertarian socialism (sometimes called social anarchism, and sometimes left libertarianism) is a group of political philosophies which promote a non-hierarchical, non-bureaucratic, stateless society without private property in the means of production. Libertarian socialism is opposed to all coercive forms of social organization, and promotes free association in place of government and opposes the alleged coercive social relations of capitalism, such as wage labor. The term libertarian socialism is used by some socialists to differentiate their philosophy from state socialism or as a synonym for socialist anarchism.

Adherents of libertarian socialism assert that a society based on freedom and equality can be achieved through abolishing authoritarian institutions which control certain means of production and subordinate the majority to an owning class or political and economic elite. Libertarian socialism also constitutes a tendency of thought that informs the identification, criticism and practical dismantling of illegitimate authority in all aspects of life.

Accordingly, libertarian socialists believe that "the exercise of power in any institutionalized form—whether economic, political, religious, or sexual—brutalizes both the wielder of power and the one over whom it is exercised." Libertarian socialists generally place their hopes in decentralized means of direct democracy such as libertarian municipalism, citizens' assemblies, trade unions and workers' councils.

Political philosophies commonly described as libertarian socialist include most varieties of anarchism (especially anarchist communism, anarchist collectivism, anarcho-syndicalism, mutualism and social ecology) as well as autonomism, and some versions of individualist anarchism. Some libertarian socialists, such as Noam Chomsky, are willing to use the powers of the state until it can be overthrown; he says: "There is no conflict. You should use whatever methods are available to you. There is no conflict between trying to overthrow the state and using the means that are provided in a partially democratic society, the means that have been developed through popular struggles over centuries."[15]

From Wikipedia,  Part of a series on Libertarianism

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Go here also to learn more about socialism & anarchy and how they came to have such a bad name with alot of people......thanks to the authoritarian media-controlled propaganda  power machines from all over the world. They are like "Sav' Wa Faire,'" they're everywhere. 

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Israels Sacred Terrorism

The book Israel tried to supress;

The Zionist Roots of the "War on Terror"

& Israel's Policy of "Covert Aggression"

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Nov. 17, 2002

Until recently I accepted Israel's self-image as a beleaguered, peace-loving nation in a sea of blood thirsty Arabs. The idea that this tiny state had imperialist designs seemed ludicrous.

But what if, unknown to most people, including Israelis, the world's power elite were using Israel to advance their New World Order?

What if Israel's role were to colonize the Middle East, and to become the seat of the World Religion?

Israel's Sacred Terrorism" (1980) by Livia Rokach, a 63-page on line monograph suggests that this bizarre scenario may not be so preposterous.

Rokach's monograph is based on revelations from the personal diary of Moshe Sharett, who was Israeli's first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.

According to this diary, which Israel tried to suppress, Israel's image of vulnerability was a ruse. Israel has always planned to become the dominant power in the region, and "invented dangers" in order to dupe its citizens and provoke wars.

In his diary, Sharett quotes a conversation with Army Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in May 1955:

"We face no danger at all of an Arab advantage of force for the next 8-10 years...Reprisal actions which we couldn't carry out if we were tied to a security pact are our vital lymph...they make it possible for us to maintain a high level of tension in our population and in the army. Without these actions we would have ceased to be a combative people... "

Sharett concludes: "The state.... must see the sword as the main if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no it MUST invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge.... And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space." (41, emphasis mine)


This policy of "reprisals" or "provocation and revenge" was also called "covert aggression." The U.S. "war on terror" is a continuation of it. Essentially it involves disguising a policy of aggression as retaliation for sham provocations.

For example, Israeli patrols would cross the border to attack Jordanians or Egyptians, and then claim the actions took place in Israel. Once attacked, the army pursued the "aggressors" into enemy territory and wreaked havoc. Ariel Sharon was the leader of a squad ("Unit 101") that specialized in these murderous forays. His 1953 raid on the Jordanian village of Kibiyah killed dozens of civilians. (30)

In March 1954, an Israeli bus travelling between Eilat and Beersheba was attacked and 10 passengers were killed. The UN armistice Commissioner, a Col. Henderson said, "from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs." He attributed the attack to "terrorists intent on increasing the tensions in the area." (28) Thereupon the Israelis left the Armistice Commission in protest.

In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the "Levon Affair," possibly this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre.

In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the "Levon Affair," possibly this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre.

From the point of view of "covert aggression", if terrorism didn't exist, Israel would have to create it. Possibly, Israel's security establishment inspired some recent attacks on Israelis. In some instances, the terrorists are described as "white." Remember the sniper who killed 10 Israeli reservists at a checkpoint? If he were Arab, wouldn't he have struck again?

Most Arab terrorism is no doubt authentic. But I wouldn't be surprised if at critical junctures, Israel's "security establishment was behind it.

Israeli commentators lament that Israel is not a democracy. They say its security establishment has hijacked the country. One pundit remarked, "Israel is not a state with an army, but an army with an affiliated state." They also lament that a culture of corruption, brutality and immorality pervades the army. See Ran Ha-Cohen, "Israeli Elections. So What"

I believe the Illuminati controls Israel's security establishment.


The world's wealthiest families have more in common with each other than they do with humanity. From their perspective, we are "useless eaters." In the guise of "globalism," they plan to increase and consolidate their wealth and power, and reduce everyone else's.

The heart of the Illuminati's power is the banking and oil cartels, (Rothschild, Rockefeller) but it includes many interlocking cartels like media, pharmaceuticals, defence, illegal drugs and prostitution. It operates through the world's intelligence agencies, and groups like the Council on Foreign relations, which grooms all US leaders.

Esoterically, the Illuminati is a secret society within another secret society, the Freemasons who are dedicated to sacrificing mankind to Lucifer.

All of this sounds fantastic because it is kept out of the media and education systems, which are mental caretakers in an invisible asylum.
Recently, Americans have been recruited to do the grunt work of subjugating Islam. This is not the first time the Illuminati has used the U.S. in this fashion. America was embroiled in World War One to free a million British soldiers to conquer Palestine for the Zionists. In the Second World War, the U.S. saved Communist Russia's bacon. Both Communism and Zionism are creations and instruments of the central bankers.


The Illuminati has always used anti Semitism to trick Jews into advancing its nefarious goals.
In the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" the speaker confesses the illuminati has "wiped out every kind of rule except our own." Nevertheless it allows attacks on its plan for world domination in order to create anti Semitism. "Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren." (9-2)

From childhood Jews are taught that they are disliked for no rational reason and Israel is insurance against another holocaust. This attitude dehumanizes their opponents and obviates the need for genuine self-criticism. Often the question is not, is something true or false? Right or wrong? But, "Is it good for the Jews?"

Traumatizing people and convincing them that irrational fiends threaten their survival is an effective form of mind control. Such people will throw morality and reason to the wind and, if necessary, become savage, mindless killers themselves. They are easily exploited by forces that may not be Jewish at all, that may be anti Semitic, and plot their destruction.

Now the Illuminati is using the same tactic on Americans. The Mossad's fingerprints are all over 9-11. *Apparently, Israel's Zim Container Lines moved their 200-man office out of the WTC the week before and no Israelis died in the attack. Seven of the supposed Arab "hijackers" seem to be alive.

If Osama bin Laden didn't exist, the United States and Britain would have created him. Osama may be genuine but there is evidence that he has received money from the British MI-6 as recently as 1996. According to the French daily Le Figaro, Ben Laden met with the CIA station chief in Dubai in July 2001. He serves the purpose of those inciting a bogus "clash of civilizations."

In the domestic sphere, the persecution of Jews has become a cultural paradigm. Lately, women and gays are the Jews, taught they're oppressed by heterosexuality, and homosexuality is normal. . Millions of lives are being ruined. The Illuminati's hidden agenda is to destroy society's immune system (its ability to resist totalitarianism) by attacking its red blood cell, the nuclear family.

In conclusion, "covert aggression" is the primary means by which the Illuminati enacts its long-term plan. Americans have been incited to become oppressors by a phoney Muslim threat. Unaware of what's done in their name. Americans are now like Jews asking, "Why do they hate us?"

Henry Makow, is the inventor of the board game Scruples, and the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

Read more of Mr. Makow views at:

Inventing Danger

"How Anti-Semitism is used to dupe Jewish people and advance the Illuminati Conspiracy"
by Henry Makow, whos Jewish parents suffered under the Nazis;

A Call for Conversion to Judaism in the Name of Peace

What if all the non-Jewish peace-loving people of the world Converted to Judaism?  They could have a permanent  home in Zionist Israel. I urge all peace loving people of the world to CONVERT to Judaism so they can "go home" to Israel and show the Zionist how to make peace.

The idea is for US to outnumber the haters & killers there, you know, the ones that make up the army and the govet. Say we decided to be consciencious objectors when it came time for our subscription. They would have to build so many more new jails! Mabye they would hire the Arabs to build them like they did in the early days. That worked out well for awhile, until the flood of immigrant Jews started objecting that all the jobs were going to the "foreigners" (mostly Arab migrant workers) which started the Labor wars.   According to Labor Zionist views, most Jews had been denied the opportunity (or NOT used too) engaging in productive / manual labor, and therefore their socioeconomic structure was fatally distorted. Although there were Jewish artisans, merchants, and farmers throughout the diaspora, Labor Zionism assumed there were too few to create an agricultural and craft base for a new Jewish society, therefore, Arabs were employed to work the fields.

How to Become a Zionist National;

So you want to be a (Nationalist / Zionist) Jew? -

Be Jewish. Org;

I wonder would we still get free passage and land? lol Or do you think that would be asking too much? After all, I AM a National of the USA and they wont give me any either. What does it matter if I am a landless poor-folk in the USA or in Zionist Israel? They will be one and the same someday and I wont have to go nowhere. They are already here. They are everywhere, running stuff, like you wouldnt believe.

*None are so blind as those who refuse to see

A Jew for Jesus (or) "Justifying," Ones-self as Well as "Him"

Zionist Talk about Missionaries

Israels New Immigration Problem

Kicking the Unwanted Back & Forth Like a Football;

Because of pressure from the Zionist State of Israel, the neighboring countrys from which these immigrants are fleeing are shooting the immigrants IN THE BACKS as they flee to Israel where they believe they will have a better life;

Under pressure to fire;

I think we should all convert to Judiasm and migrate on over to our homeland to start  a NPO to encourage and assist these poor neighbor-state  immigants to Judiasm also. That way, there is no way Israel could turn them away. Is there a such a thing as a Judiac Missionary? If not, we will start one! If Zionist Israel wants jews we will convert them and send them to the Zionist State of Israel by the thousands, ....of course, like the rest of the ZioJews already living there,..they wont be REAL! I hesitate to call them Jews because they are not Jews, they are Zionists. They gave up Judiasm when they decided they wanted a state all their own.

Guess the Zionists Got No Love for Missionary Types: L@@kie here;

and here;

Who Fought the Hardest in the Early Years Against the Establishment of the State of Israel (Besides the Real Jews I Mean)?

The Birth of the Soverign State of (Zionist) Israel;

Real Jews HATE the notion of a state of their own, as it goes against the precepts of Judiasm. For evidence of this, see links below;

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Theodor Hertzel: Father of Zionism

The term "Zionism" was first introduced in 1893 by Nathan Birmbaum, but Theodor Hertzel, an Austrian Jew born to a prosperous, emancipated Budapest family, is recognized as the founder of the Zionist idealogy when he published his book in 1896, "The Jewish State", where he declared that the cure for anti-semitism was the establishment of a Jewish state. As he saw it, the best place to establish this state was in Palestine.

While Hertzel claimed that the establishment of a "Jewish" state would cure anti-Semitism, he also promoted anti-Semitism to further his cause.


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The Balfor Declaration

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 (dated 2 November 1917) was a formal statement of policy by the British government stating that

"His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."[1]

The declaration was made in a letter from Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, a Zionist organization. The letter reflected the position of the British Cabinet, as agreed upon in a meeting on 31 October 1917. It further stated that the declaration is a sign of "sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations."

The statement was issued through the efforts of Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow, the principal Zionist leaders based in London; as they had asked for the reconstitution of Palestine as “the” Jewish national home, the declaration fell short of Zionist expectations.[2]
The "Balfour Declaration" was later incorporated into the Sèvres peace treaty with Turkey and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library.

The anniversary of the declaration, 2 November, is widely commemorated in Israel and among Jews in the Jewish diaspora as Balfour Day. This day is also observed as a day of mourning in Arab countries still today.

Iraq-Israel Relations

ALWAYS been enemies. In other words,  the US was doing Israel a favor by invading the country of their worst enemy, and Israel had much more to gain from it than US;

Horse Sense / Middle East & US

A History of Zionism: A Comprehensive Study

The Birth of Zionism

Studying the Creation of Israel

The Birth of the Idea ;

Whilst the Balfour Declaration of 1917, following the expelling of the Ottoman (Turks) from the region, set up the principle for a national Homeland for the Jewish people,
nobody at that time could have foreseen the levels of persecution to occur in Post-Revolutionary Russia and National Socialist Germany during the 1930s. Palestine by international agreement would become a British Mandate in 1920 but by the 1930s the flow of Jewish immigrants was already giving cause for concern. An Arab revolt against the new arrivals required the commitment of Two British Divisions (One of which incidentally was commanded by a certain Bernard Law Montgomery) to maintain order, and in 1939 Great Britain was forced to place a limitation of the numbers of new Jewish immigrants and their land purchases.

At the end of the Second World War the flow of new immigrants (often illegal) became a flood as hundreds of thousands of displaced Jews from across Europe attempted to enter Palestine. The British government attempted to continue the pre-war quota limits (even going to the point of turning away boats crowded with new immigrants), however this only served to fuel Jewish violence against the Authorities.

In 1947, Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevan, UNDER PRESSURE FROM THE UNITED STATES (who clearly didn’t want all these people to suddenly descend on their own shore with their “Commie” ideas) and faced with open conflict with the settlers, was forced to rescind the immigration controls which had been set in place by the British. The UNITED NATIONS recommended that Palestine be partitioned (a recommendation that was rejected by the Arabs) and in 1948 Great Britain surrendered her Mandate.

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Me & Lulu

Me and my best friend Lulu Stehle, standing in parking lot of St. Francis DeSales Church with our school uniforms on. This is about the age I was when Sister Mary Bernice banged my head on the blackboard when I couldnt do a math problem.

Lil Me at Prospect Park

At Prospect Park Kiddie Pool
(Excuse old goober on edge of pic)

Lil' Me

Always a jokester..with twin-sisters (the bookends) Patty A & Donna B, and little bro Gary in the middle.

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Wooley Mammoth

Hall of Vertbrate Paleontology, NYS Museum...Lifesized reproduction of the American mastedon, with skeleton in foreground. This skeleton was found at Cohoes, NY  in 1866. It stands 8' 11" tall at the shoulder and is 14' in length.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


597 Congress St
Troy, NY
Circa 1959?

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Two Prayers

O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to battle -- be Thou near them! With them -- in spirit -- we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it -- for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen.

Go here for short story version of  The War Prayer;

The Fish Prayer; 
Dedicated to this fish;

O Lord our Father, Our brave Fishermen of all the waters in all the lands of this Glorious Nation, idols of our hearts, implore you with this humble prayer- please now hear them;

O Lord our God, help us to bring forth every living creature of the sea up out of the waters gasping for air, twisting and writhing in agony. Make large our catch and swell with every living thing our nets so that we may make a living from their capture, and to delight in as we watch them twist and turn helpless and in agony, torn from their watery homes into unbreathable air, gasping and mouthing their silent screams that we cannot (or will not) hear,….and not a tear will we shed as we watch them suffer and struggle to be free. Help Us to TRAP them Mighitily O Lord, in GREAT numbers weighed by the tons and not in mere pounds, so that we can make BIG our profits off of their sales, to be consumed by the greasy-fingered blood-sport lovers and flesh-eaters of the world. We beseech You to Allow this for us, as in your Great Wisdom have provided to us, to be removed up from their ocean homes and picked apart, tossed and sorted, boiled alive and in some cases eaten alive, for the sole purpose of enriching ourselves and satisfying the worlds unquenchable gluttonus thirst for the flesh and blood of every creature and living thing of the sea. Make plenty the waters with Your Living Bounty so the oceans will be full of fish and every manner of every water-living thing,….For this we Pray you, to make more easily and readily our daily kill, as You in Your Infinite Wisdom so Wisely Ordained.

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Old Brown Truck

I bought this truckfor a coupple a' hundred bucks from a Down-on-his-Luck gambler while living in my car in the parking lot of Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino back in the early 1980's BEFORE the big boom. There were many other down and out gamblers living (and working there also) so I was never alone, as a matter of fact, after I bought this truck , it became like home to some of us, and years later, I wrote a poem for the

Old Brown Truck
a Friend of Mine
Whos Parts I knew So Well
Oh Brown Truck
If You Could Talk
The Stories
You Could Tell,

Oh Brown Truck, for me and mine,
A Haven for the Homeless

For Pops, and Joey and Billy and Me -
You Kept Us From Aloneness

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San Francisco Summer of Love Anniversary Celebrations

Geeze, I was there for the original SOL but I didnt know they held celebrations each year! Cool

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poppa (laying in chair) & BigEye (on sill)

Kitty sleeps in Emmas Chair - Emma is distressed

Our Happy Home

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bible Talk

I came across this comment today on a a CBS blog where the discussion was the BP oil spill and all other manner of natural and man made disasters occurring around the world today....and, judging by the comments, there seems to be a general consensus among the believers that all of these negative events are nothing more than biblical prophecies coming true. While I have a tendency to agree with them that the end days are, in fact near (there is science to prove makind is on an un-sustainable track, and show that we are doomed to suffer catastrophic disaster for our reckless and exploitive ways,...and said not to occur in some "way off" future time, but right in the here and now)

I have always been a fan of great literature, and respect the bible for all the good messages to be found. There is much we can learn from the lessons taught within. I profess no special knowlege of the bible, or of any religious "holy book." I dont know a psalm from a song, nor could I name you the prophets who wrote the various chapters, but I have always had a love for great literature, and think the bible to be just that: a compilation of poetry, prose, song and other creative writings written down and passed around over time, and stolen, borrowed, plagurized and then bastardized (re-written, edited, changed) by the ruling parties of the time to suit their own interests, percieved needs or objectives. Still, I think it is a very good and important book, particularly from an anthropoligical POV.

Below is the comment that compelled me to write this post;

"...The sun is blocked out by the volcanoes - that's part! The waters of the Gulf and more are turned to blood (oil=lots of blood and more, but blood!). The land will perform the vomit-you-out program. You see that in the exploding Coal Mine, the exploding Oil Rig, the exploding Power Plant in CT in February -The "touchdown" Jesus YAY! God is turning walking, talking human rebels into human projectiles, YAY - that is the vomit program! See Leviticus 18 for those details!

As for you personally, if you have an ear to hear, REPENT - GET OUT! Spewing time, she cometh! ..."

Beautiful writin, aint it? And so "right on," it truely is freighting, but not enough to make a believer out of me! (Nostrodamis predicted the same things...and more.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Sat 5 Jun 2010
Source: Chicago Tribune, Associated Press (AP)/Traverse City
Record-Eagle report [edited]

An unidentified blight is being blamed for the deaths of apple trees
in northern Michigan and researchers are working to determine what is
to blame. The disease has killed apple trees of 4 McIntosh varieties
grown from dwarf rootstock. Nikki Rothwell, Northwest Michigan
Horticultural Research Station, said the problem also is being
reported in western Michigan and in New York state. "We're seeing tons
of decline," she said.

"We have quite a few dying on us," said a grower in Williamsburg. The
disease has affected about 20 percent of his McIntosh crop, or about 3
percent of his total harvest. He worries that it might spread to other
trees. A grower in Northport said he has seen "scattered" attacks. He
said researchers took a chunk of one of his dead trees and are
investigating possible causes. "Some part of the orchard will have 7
or 8 trees in a row with it, and in other parts it's just one tree."
He said the disease is worrisome because McIntosh are popular regional

Trees from dwarf rootstocks grow smaller, it's easier to harvest them
and the smaller size allows trees to be planted closer together.
Michigan and New York are among the top apple producing states.

Communicated by:

[The problem above is reported to be associated with specific dwarfing
rootstocks used for specific apple varieties. This could imply one or
several graft transmissible disease agents such as viruses, viroids,
or phytoplasmas. More than 20 diseases of apple have been shown or are
suspected to be caused by a member of these groups of pathogens, but
molecular methods are needed for reliable diagnosis. Monitoring of
affected orchards would also be important since rate and patterns of
spread can provide clues as to the type of pathogen involved.



New York state:

Photos of apple diseases via:

McIntosh apples:

Size of dwarf compared with standard apple trees:

Information and resources for apple diseases:
, and

Virus diseases of apple:

List of major pathogens and disease of apple:

McIntosh apple variety:

Apple rootstocks:
. -

[see also:
Scab disease, apple - India: (JK) alert 20100430.1397
Black rot, apple - Germany: northward spread 20090914.3230
Scab disease, apple - Australia: (WA) 20090519.1880
Scab disease, apple - India: (HP) 20080829.2706
Marssonina blotch, apple - India: (HP) 20080813.2501
Scab disease, apple - Australia: (WA), eradication 20080514.1621
Fireblight, pear, apple, quince - Morocco (Meknes): 1st report 2006
Apple proliferation phytoplasma - Germany (Sachsen) 20060217.0524
Fruit rot, stored apples - Chile: 1st report 20051202.3473
Necrotic leaf spot, apple - Turkey (Isparta) 20051020.3056
Canker and twig dieback, apple, pear - USA (WA) 20051015.3001
Apple mosaic - Turkey (Anatolia) 20050904.2616
Apple scab, races - Spain 20050819.2433
Apple core rot - India (Himachal Pradesh) 20050808.2313
Apple scab - India (Himachal Pradesh): 1st report 20050612.1645
Fire blight, apple, pear - Slovakia 20050107.0038
Apple sessile leaf phytoplasma - Lithuania 20050104.0012
Sphaeropsis sp., postharvest rot, apple - USA (WA) 20040217.0515
Fire blight, apple, pear - Slovak Republic 20030808.1952
Fireblight, apple, pear - Slovenia 20030729.1863
Marssonina leaf blotch, apple - Italy 20030724.1804
Botryosphaeria, apple, first report - Bolivia 20020507.4125
Fire blight, apple, pear - Switzerland 20011206.2964
Fire blight, apple, pear - Slovenia 20011205.2946
Fire blight, apples - USA (Michigan) 20000624.1041
Fire blight, apples - Spain 20000321.0401
Apple proliferation phytoplasma - Netherlands 19980706.1265]
ProMED-mail makes every effort to verify the reports that
are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the
information, and of any statements or opinions based
thereon, are not guaranteed. The reader assumes all risks in
using information posted or archived by ProMED-mail. ISID
and its associated service providers shall not be held
responsible for errors or omissions or held liable for any
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or archived material.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Newsflash: Blow-hole bigger then ever, flowing harder than before. No shit. Looking at live feed now, those four "little streams" we have been watching have now melded into one great big one, and its seems to have alot more velocity than before. BP is holding a press conference now, practically admitting defeat...gotta... go2 minutes ago ·
Christine A. Jubic
BP raises damage rating from "moderate" to "catostrophic"

NYPIRG's Student Movement / Hooorrrayy!


Students Embrace NYPRIG;

Monday, May 17, 2010

Price Put on Presidential Pooch Today

Presidential Financial Disclosures released today show the president as listing "Bo," the Portuguese Water Dog given to him by Ted Kennedy, valued at $1,600
While that might seem a bit high, the reality is that it is a modest price by "prized pedigree standards." "Well-Bred" champions and their off-spring command BIG BUCKs. $1,600 for a well-bred "pure-bred" dog ain't nothing. What bothers me, particularly about this "well-bred" pedigree dog is, that he really shouldnt be living there at all. Ya'll remember when talk first came out that the 1st family wanted to get a dog? Ya'll remember the vigorus campaign we all embarked on in bombarding ObombA and the White House with calls and emails and faxes asking him to please get a shelter dog? Ya'll remember when we told him that shelters all across this great country of ours are needlessly killing thousands of dogs everyday simply because there arent enough homes (and the breeders dont know when to quit.) We BEGGED him to adopt a shelter dog. Whad' happend? Thats what I wanna no.

See the financials here;

Vintage Deep / Hiway Star

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Are we fighting Israels War?

As you read through the info in some of the links provided within these links, you will see the Talmud prohibits any "direct killing," but does not proscibe against "in-direct" killing;

and this.....

Israel Urges World to Reject Goldstone Report;

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting to be Dead

Religion DOES NOT deal in "the here and now," is something we practice or believe in while we are
(see title)
then see Zeitgeist The Movie

and learn now that there were MANY "solar"gods before JC who were born of virgin mothers on December 25, who performed miracles, who were called "the truth" and "the light" and "the way,"...and were murdered and then resurrected in three days, and who promised everlasting life.

learn now here the roots of ALL religions and solar gods before JC

and more frum Jordan Maxwell, the "Godfather of Secret Socities" and a well respected man who no one disputes his validity except of course for certain religious institutions who try to discredit him but are unsuccessful;

Monday, May 10, 2010

Extending the String of Forgiveness Not for Naught

I came across this beautiful sentiment written by french equestrian / artist Jean Francois Pigion, and it reminded me of my own situation with feeling hurt or being hurt or feeling like I hurt someone else, so I decided to send it out to an estranged family member in hopes of some sort of reconciliation.

Though I havent recieved a reply yet, dont know if I ever will, but Jean-Francois is right. I feel better already for having taken the initiative upon myself to reach out and make the first gesture towards reconciliation,.... even if nothing ever does come of cant say I didnt try, and I feel better already for having done it. The poision has left my vessel and my own healing can begin.

Dont you have someone you would like to send this "Sting of Forgiveness" too?
Click on link to see JP interact with his horses and see how beautifully he rides!

See also a beautiful movie / poem "The Dash," about how we live our lives,...or not;

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Class Project, 15 yrs Later, Results in Mystery Poem

Now here is a "mystery poem" and I shall tell you why. Many years ago, while attending some Creative Writing and Poetry classes at HVCC, our instructor, Mr. Joe Cardillo, gave us a writing project. He took a poem (I for the life of me can't recall which poem it was he used) but while standing in front of the class he tore the poem in many smallish pieces and put the pieces into a hat. He asked each of the students to draw 3 or 4 of the pieces of paper out of the hat which we all did. He then gave us an assigment which was to take the pieces of paper home with us and to make an original poem of our own, incorporating the words on the pieces of the ripped up poem that we drew from the hat.

Here is what I wrote with "my words" that night, and bought them into class the next day for review: I will embolden that portion of text that appeared on the pieces of paper I drew from the hat,;

The Poet of Death
Found me out..
and street sickness caused my demise
but do not mistake the matter
for even bronze seems alive
in the hands of
a Master Craftsman
Can you help me to find what poem the embolded words are from?
I thought it was a Whitman or a Blake but not sure and cant find anything that would indicate these words appear in any of their respective writings. That is why I call this my "mystery poem."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Nag Hammadi Library

Gnosis Archive Gnostic Society

About the Nag Hammadi Library Section

The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient codices containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary Gnostic scriptures -- texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Christian struggle to define "orthodoxy" -- scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, and the Gospel of Truth.

The discovery and translation of the Nag Hammadi library, completed in the 1970's, has provided impetus to a major re-evaluation of early Christian history and the nature of Gnosticism. Readers unfamiliar with this history may wish to review the brief Introduction to Gnosticism and the Nag Hammadi Library provided here, as well as an excerpt from Elaine Pagels' excellent popular introduction to the Nag Hammadi texts, The Gnostic Gospels. (Visit the Bookstore to purchase the The Nag Hammadi Library and The Gnostic Gospels or to find information on other important introductory works that will help explain this material -- or click now to buy The Nag Hammadi Library.)

The texts;

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rockin in the Free World

What it means to be free in the United States of Corporate America today; free to be impoverished, homeless, hungry,

exploited and taxed, unemployed and free to stand in breadlines and in "free-speech" zones.

Click on title above to see and hear Niel Young vid

And then go here to learn more about Poverty in America;

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stimulus money helping homeless in Rensselaer County

Posted: Dec 18, 2009 06:31 PM EST

Stimulus money helping homeless in Rensselaer County (12/18/09)


TROY, N.Y. -- It's a staggering statistic: in just the past year, there has been a 10 percent increase in homelessness across the country.

However, one and a half million dollars in federal stimulus money has helped fund a new program in Rensselaer county.

Just one month ago, Linda Hemingway and her three grandchildren were evicted from their apartment.

Having been unemployed for more than a year, Hemingway couldn't make ends meet.

After exhausting what she thought were all her options, Hemingway learned about Rensselaer County's Emergency Community House Opportunities, known as ECHO, offering her a chance to get back on her feet.

"I learned about ECHO and I got a smile on my face, because wonderful things happened," says Hemingway. "I came home and told my children everything is going to be okay, and we are going to have a wonderful Christmas in a warm environment. We're not going to be separated, and that made me feel real good."

In order to be eligible for the ECHO project, a person or family must be homeless, have received an eviction notice or court papers, a utilities shut-off warning a final notice discontinuing heat, electricity, or hot water, have no other housing options, have a current income at or below 50 percent of the median income in the area, and the potential to maintain housing and utility payments when the ECHO assistance ends.

According to the Unity House in Troy, one of the partners in this program, people from all types of economic backgrounds make use of ECHO.

"We're really seeing people who in the past have not been homeless, and had not been needing social service assistance, but as a result of job losses or other external economic conditions, are finding themselves in desperate straits," says Karla Digirolamo, Unity House CEO.

Hemingway says the program was a life saver for her, one that kept her family together.

"It's very hard, but ECHO will come in and help you. They are good people down there, they are loving people," says Hemingway.

Rensselaer County's ECHO project began in October, and so far 110 households have been served.

Also, Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga counties have access to similar funding, to be used as another option for people facing homelessness.

Christine A Jubic
Am wondering how many jobs this will create. I am all for helping the homeless and down-trodden as I have been there myself and fear it may happen again in the future as we are in BK right now and stand a good chance of losing our own home,....but giving $$ to help the victims of the lousy economy seems to me like putting the cart before the horse, or rather, treating the effects but not the cause. Fix the problems first (J-O-B-S & REAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY ) and there wont be any victims need fixxin. Duh.

Join the New American Revolution here;

Message awaits moderator approval
Today, 1:48:58 PM

Click on title above to go to original article with comments and a vid;

Goodbye to the Last of the Cartwright Crew

Pernell Roberts dies of cancer. Funny thing when I saw this article, I was kinda suprized to hear this news as I thought he was already dead, as in a long long time ago. I thought all of the Bonanza gang was ded. I know Hoss died of heart attack while taking a shower and the Big C got Little Joe too. I dont know what happened to Pops or to Hop Sing. Am I missing someone?

Click on title above to read the sad news that Purnell Roberts is really dead.|hp-desktop|dl1|link4|

Saturday, January 23, 2010

RunTime Error on New Windows 7

Got this message on my new computer today, running the new Windows 7;

Description of the R6025 run-time error in Visual C++
View products that this article applies to.
This article was previously published under Q125749
On This Page
Sample code
Similar problems and resolutions
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This article discusses an issue that may occur when you are developing a program...
This article discusses an issue that may occur when you are developing a program. If you are still experiencing a problem that resembles the one that this article describes, it may be a different problem. To search for issues related to a specific problem, please include the product name in your search in order to narrow your results. To troubleshoot similar problems, please see the "Similar problems and resolutions" section later in this article.
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The C++ program fails and reports the following run-time error: runtime error R6...
The C++ program fails and reports the following run-time error:
runtime error R6025
- pure virtual function call
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This error occurs when your application indirectly calls a pure virtual member f...
This error occurs when your application indirectly calls a pure virtual member function in a context where a call to the function is not valid. In most cases, the compiler detects this and reports the error when building the application. But depending on how your code is written, sometimes the problem is detected only at run-time.

The error occurs when you indirectly call a pure virtual function within the context of a call to the constructor or destructor of an abstract base class. This is illustrated in the sample code below, along with some more description.
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Calling a pure virtual function is a programming error, so you need to find the...
Calling a pure virtual function is a programming error, so you need to find the call to the pure virtual function and rewrite the code so it is not called.

One way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to replace the pure virtual function with an implementation that calls the Windows API function DebugBreak. When using the debugger, DebugBreak will cause a hard-coded breakpoint. When the code stops running at this breakpoint, you can view the callstack to see where the function was called.

Another way to find a call to a pure virtual function is to set a breakpoint on the _purecall function that is found in PureVirt.c. Breaking on this function has the advantage of keeping the stack intact so that you can trace what is occurring.
Back to the top
This behavior is by design.
This behavior is by design.
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For more information, refer to the "C Run-Time Errors R6002 through R6025" page...
For more information, refer to the "C Run-Time Errors R6002 through R6025" page of the "Build Errors" section in the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site: (
Note The R6025 error is not documented in the manuals or online help included with Visual C++, versions 2.x or below. However, it is briefly discussed in Part 3 of the Readme.wri file shipped with Visual C++ version 2.0.
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Sample code
/* Compile options needed: none

class A;

void fcn( A* );

class A
virtual void f() = 0;
A() { fcn( this ); }

class B : A
void f() { }

void fcn( A* p )

// The declaration below invokes class B's constructor, which
// first calls class A's constructor, which calls fcn. Then
// fcn calls A::f, which is a pure virtual function, and
// this causes the run-time error. B has not been constructed
// at this point, so the B::f cannot be called. You would not
// want it to be called because it could depend on something
// in B that has not been initialized yet.

B b;

void main()

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Similar problems and resolutions
If you are still experiencing a problem that resembles the problem that this art...
If you are still experiencing a problem that resembles the problem that this article describes, it may be a different problem. For more information about similar problems and resolutions, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
240437 ( ) Money runtime error: "R6025 -Pure virtual function call"
308260 ( ) How to troubleshoot script errors in Internet Explorer 6 and in Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2000-based, Windows XP-based, Windows Server 2003-based, or Windows Vista-based computers
267572 ( ) WD2000: Error Message: "Run-time Error '5'" when you start Word
170409 ( ) SBFM97: MS Visual C++ run-time errors importing Quickbooks data
309299 ( ) Runtime error when you browse to some Web pages
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Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2002 Standard Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Visual C++, 32-bit Learning Edition 6.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.1 Subscription
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Standard Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 2.1
Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.51
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 Professional Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Professional Edition
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Keywords: kbresolve kbtshoot kbcompiler kbcpponly kberrmsg kbprb KB125749

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