Sunday, October 10, 2010

Israels New Immigration Problem

Kicking the Unwanted Back & Forth Like a Football;

Because of pressure from the Zionist State of Israel, the neighboring countrys from which these immigrants are fleeing are shooting the immigrants IN THE BACKS as they flee to Israel where they believe they will have a better life;

Under pressure to fire;

I think we should all convert to Judiasm and migrate on over to our homeland to start  a NPO to encourage and assist these poor neighbor-state  immigants to Judiasm also. That way, there is no way Israel could turn them away. Is there a such a thing as a Judiac Missionary? If not, we will start one! If Zionist Israel wants jews we will convert them and send them to the Zionist State of Israel by the thousands, ....of course, like the rest of the ZioJews already living there,..they wont be REAL! I hesitate to call them Jews because they are not Jews, they are Zionists. They gave up Judiasm when they decided they wanted a state all their own.

Guess the Zionists Got No Love for Missionary Types: L@@kie here;

and here;

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