Monday, June 21, 2010

Bible Talk

I came across this comment today on a a CBS blog where the discussion was the BP oil spill and all other manner of natural and man made disasters occurring around the world today....and, judging by the comments, there seems to be a general consensus among the believers that all of these negative events are nothing more than biblical prophecies coming true. While I have a tendency to agree with them that the end days are, in fact near (there is science to prove makind is on an un-sustainable track, and show that we are doomed to suffer catastrophic disaster for our reckless and exploitive ways,...and said not to occur in some "way off" future time, but right in the here and now)

I have always been a fan of great literature, and respect the bible for all the good messages to be found. There is much we can learn from the lessons taught within. I profess no special knowlege of the bible, or of any religious "holy book." I dont know a psalm from a song, nor could I name you the prophets who wrote the various chapters, but I have always had a love for great literature, and think the bible to be just that: a compilation of poetry, prose, song and other creative writings written down and passed around over time, and stolen, borrowed, plagurized and then bastardized (re-written, edited, changed) by the ruling parties of the time to suit their own interests, percieved needs or objectives. Still, I think it is a very good and important book, particularly from an anthropoligical POV.

Below is the comment that compelled me to write this post;

"...The sun is blocked out by the volcanoes - that's part! The waters of the Gulf and more are turned to blood (oil=lots of blood and more, but blood!). The land will perform the vomit-you-out program. You see that in the exploding Coal Mine, the exploding Oil Rig, the exploding Power Plant in CT in February -The "touchdown" Jesus YAY! God is turning walking, talking human rebels into human projectiles, YAY - that is the vomit program! See Leviticus 18 for those details!

As for you personally, if you have an ear to hear, REPENT - GET OUT! Spewing time, she cometh! ..."

Beautiful writin, aint it? And so "right on," it truely is freighting, but not enough to make a believer out of me! (Nostrodamis predicted the same things...and more.)

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