Monday, May 10, 2010

Extending the String of Forgiveness Not for Naught

I came across this beautiful sentiment written by french equestrian / artist Jean Francois Pigion, and it reminded me of my own situation with feeling hurt or being hurt or feeling like I hurt someone else, so I decided to send it out to an estranged family member in hopes of some sort of reconciliation.

Though I havent recieved a reply yet, dont know if I ever will, but Jean-Francois is right. I feel better already for having taken the initiative upon myself to reach out and make the first gesture towards reconciliation,.... even if nothing ever does come of cant say I didnt try, and I feel better already for having done it. The poision has left my vessel and my own healing can begin.

Dont you have someone you would like to send this "Sting of Forgiveness" too?
Click on link to see JP interact with his horses and see how beautifully he rides!

See also a beautiful movie / poem "The Dash," about how we live our lives,...or not;

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