Friday, September 3, 2010

Old Brown Truck

I bought this truckfor a coupple a' hundred bucks from a Down-on-his-Luck gambler while living in my car in the parking lot of Don Laughlins Riverside Resort and Casino back in the early 1980's BEFORE the big boom. There were many other down and out gamblers living (and working there also) so I was never alone, as a matter of fact, after I bought this truck , it became like home to some of us, and years later, I wrote a poem for the

Old Brown Truck
a Friend of Mine
Whos Parts I knew So Well
Oh Brown Truck
If You Could Talk
The Stories
You Could Tell,

Oh Brown Truck, for me and mine,
A Haven for the Homeless

For Pops, and Joey and Billy and Me -
You Kept Us From Aloneness


Annie Mond said...

I love your poem!

Mz.Many Names said...

Thanks Annie. Those were the days.I miss those folk almost as much as I miss that old truk. I will tell you the story one of these days, on just what an amazing truk it wuz