Sunday, May 9, 2010

Class Project, 15 yrs Later, Results in Mystery Poem

Now here is a "mystery poem" and I shall tell you why. Many years ago, while attending some Creative Writing and Poetry classes at HVCC, our instructor, Mr. Joe Cardillo, gave us a writing project. He took a poem (I for the life of me can't recall which poem it was he used) but while standing in front of the class he tore the poem in many smallish pieces and put the pieces into a hat. He asked each of the students to draw 3 or 4 of the pieces of paper out of the hat which we all did. He then gave us an assigment which was to take the pieces of paper home with us and to make an original poem of our own, incorporating the words on the pieces of the ripped up poem that we drew from the hat.

Here is what I wrote with "my words" that night, and bought them into class the next day for review: I will embolden that portion of text that appeared on the pieces of paper I drew from the hat,;

The Poet of Death
Found me out..
and street sickness caused my demise
but do not mistake the matter
for even bronze seems alive
in the hands of
a Master Craftsman
Can you help me to find what poem the embolded words are from?
I thought it was a Whitman or a Blake but not sure and cant find anything that would indicate these words appear in any of their respective writings. That is why I call this my "mystery poem."

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