Monday, May 17, 2010

Price Put on Presidential Pooch Today

Presidential Financial Disclosures released today show the president as listing "Bo," the Portuguese Water Dog given to him by Ted Kennedy, valued at $1,600
While that might seem a bit high, the reality is that it is a modest price by "prized pedigree standards." "Well-Bred" champions and their off-spring command BIG BUCKs. $1,600 for a well-bred "pure-bred" dog ain't nothing. What bothers me, particularly about this "well-bred" pedigree dog is, that he really shouldnt be living there at all. Ya'll remember when talk first came out that the 1st family wanted to get a dog? Ya'll remember the vigorus campaign we all embarked on in bombarding ObombA and the White House with calls and emails and faxes asking him to please get a shelter dog? Ya'll remember when we told him that shelters all across this great country of ours are needlessly killing thousands of dogs everyday simply because there arent enough homes (and the breeders dont know when to quit.) We BEGGED him to adopt a shelter dog. Whad' happend? Thats what I wanna no.

See the financials here;

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