Monday, July 28, 2008

A Transformation

Of late, it has come down to this for me,....the only people I can abide for any length of time are other people like myself who cant stand people. The more I get to know "regular" people, the more I am convinced people, in general, SUCK. It is no wonder we of compassionate hearts turn our sympathies, indeed, all of our energies, into helping the innocent, voiceless animals. They are 1,000.000 times more appreciative than any human could even imagine to be, same as they are forgiving of our own indiscretions inflicted upon or towards them,... and will remain loyal to you for life as they know no other love but unconditinal love. If you can find ONE human in your life time to stack up to these "animal capabilities,".....hold onto them and revere them, for they are a rare "human-kind."