Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Call for Conversion to Judaism in the Name of Peace

What if all the non-Jewish peace-loving people of the world Converted to Judaism?  They could have a permanent  home in Zionist Israel. I urge all peace loving people of the world to CONVERT to Judaism so they can "go home" to Israel and show the Zionist how to make peace.

The idea is for US to outnumber the haters & killers there, you know, the ones that make up the army and the govet. Say we decided to be consciencious objectors when it came time for our subscription. They would have to build so many more new jails! Mabye they would hire the Arabs to build them like they did in the early days. That worked out well for awhile, until the flood of immigrant Jews started objecting that all the jobs were going to the "foreigners" (mostly Arab migrant workers) which started the Labor wars.   According to Labor Zionist views, most Jews had been denied the opportunity (or NOT used too) engaging in productive / manual labor, and therefore their socioeconomic structure was fatally distorted. Although there were Jewish artisans, merchants, and farmers throughout the diaspora, Labor Zionism assumed there were too few to create an agricultural and craft base for a new Jewish society, therefore, Arabs were employed to work the fields.

How to Become a Zionist National;

So you want to be a (Nationalist / Zionist) Jew? -

Be Jewish. Org;

I wonder would we still get free passage and land? lol Or do you think that would be asking too much? After all, I AM a National of the USA and they wont give me any either. What does it matter if I am a landless poor-folk in the USA or in Zionist Israel? They will be one and the same someday and I wont have to go nowhere. They are already here. They are everywhere, running stuff, like you wouldnt believe.

*None are so blind as those who refuse to see

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