Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Old and Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die or Getting Ready to Get My House in Order

My main concern about leaving this world soon is this: What will become of my animals? As some of you may know, we have been rescuing animals for a number of years now and consider them closer to us than our own human family members. Before I leave this world, arrangements will have to be made for their after-care.

There are the equines. One adorable, docile 3 yr old spotted Donkey named Paco, and his buddy, a pinto minihorse named Lightning , approx 10-12 yrs old. Although they are both intact stallions, they are the best of buds and we would like them to stay together. Both ride and drive.

The Felines; We have two smoke gray exferals, Poppa and Bubbles, his daughter. Now completely tame and trusting of humans and real lovebugs. They are spayed and nuetered and UTD on shots.

BigEyes: Another ex-feral that has come around "to loving people" wonderfully. He is nuetered and UTD on shots but he is a special need as has stomitis and bartonella. You will have to mush his food for him, and he has to stay on Predisone for life. 1/2 cap every three days works for him now.

Fritzie, an 8-10 yr old neutered black & white DSH who is a diabetic and needs shots of incilin 2x daily. He is still being regulated so this may go down eventualy to one shot a day.

Three Little Un-named Kittens about 6 weeks old who were found abandoned by the riverside near a popular fishing hole. Two are identical twins,...pure white with orange tips on their tails and ears, and one pitch black. Dont know their sexes yet but it shouldnt matter as all will have to be spayed and neutered.

We also have a young chain-dog we have freed at last and she is a wonderful smart dog who is sooo happy to be off her chain. Her name is "Babykins" and she is just under a year old. She is a gorgous rottie / chow cross. Loves everybody and eveything, she loves children, and to play with dogs, cats, people, and she doesnt bother our equines or even the chickens. She would make a wonderful family farm dog.

Two Buddy special needs dogs; Emma is a white older Lasha ASpso and Georgie is a black and white 4 yr old Shitzu / Apso mix. Both these dogs have agression issues when it comes to their play things or chew toys (but not their food). They also have a low tolerence for abuse so are not suitable for little children. We hope these two can stay togther as they are best friends also.

Last, but not least, we have 5 laying hens and one mean ole BIG Old New England Fighting Cock that we saved from a fighting ring. His name is Duke after John Waynes character in "True Grit." Remember, "Rooster Cogburn?" Both of the Dukes are Big and bad and bold, so the name suits him.

Can you help us to find permanent, forever loving homes for any of there animals so I can get my house in order cause I really am gettin old and sick and I do feel like I am fixin to die.

Pics will be posted soon.

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