Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Black Mark upon the Capital District, NY

Local Man Robs Indian School

Schenectady Co.;
SCCC Grad Robs Mid-Western Indian School of $1.38M!
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This, in addition to the previously posted black-marks upon the Capital District, listed below, all of which have made National and International News; Sorry, you will have to cut and paste these links below into your web-browser to get them to work.

Politics, Campaigns, Elections;

Rensselaer Co.;
"Ballot Boo Boo"
08' Presidential Election ballots go out naming "Osama" Oboma as Dem choice

War / Military;

Rensselaer Co.;
First Fraggin Case;

Albany Co,;
First Bat Die-Offs;

White-nose syndrome was first observed near Albany, New York in 2006.
communicated by:
Tabitha Viner, DVM DACVP
Associate Pathologist
Smithsonian Institution
National Zoological Park
Department of Pathology
PO Box 37012 MRC 5501
Washington, DC 20560


The Animals;

Rensselaer Co.;
Animal Control Officer Accused of Stealing Pet Dogs;
later found to be buring dead animals in his backyard

Rens. Co.;
Horse Murdered (Stabbed to Death) During Hoosic Falls Robbery;


Albany Co.;
Man Finds Snake Head in Restaurant Food;

Sexual Perverts; Nursing Home Abuse
Albany Co.;
Nursing Home Abuse at Two Facilities by Same Offender;\

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