Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on Orphaned Donkey Foal, Offender Turns Himself In

Orphaned donkey foal improves, youth talks to police

May 7, 2009

JB is doing well but is not out of the woods yet.

The donkey foal whose mother was shot minutes after his birth is continuing to do well, and police say the alleged shooter has approached authorities.
Police had issued a warrant for the arrest of a 17-year-old youth for the Florida shooting. The warrant was for weapons offences and causing cruel death, pain and suffering to an animal.

Local website named the alleged offender and published his photograph as police efforts continued to track him down. The website later reported that the youth had approached police, accompanied by his mother and an attorney.

The orphan foal, named JB, is doing well, according to his caregivers, although it will be several days before it is known whether the belated colostrum he was given was in time.

Lindley Barden, his adoptive mother at Panhandle Equine Rescue, says JB is becoming adept at letting her know when he wants to eat - "never mind the alarm clock".

"He was totally exhausted from his first day in the limelight, having held court to three different TV crews during his second full day on Earth. Speaking for us both, it was certainly a harrowing experience!"

JB is getting gentle lessons in leading and is experiencing a little of the great outdoors.

"He wants to kick up his heels a bit, and he will get the opportunity when weather permits," she says.

"He's still not out of the woods health-wise, as his immune system has not yet been tested. Hopefully by day 7, we will know with more certainty if he will be OK."

Barden said the rescue centre has appreciated all the calls and emails about JB. "We will keep you posted on his days ahead!"

JB was taken in by the rescue centre because his distraught owners were not able to give him the many feedings required daily.

Escambia County Sheriff's Office said it was continuing to investigate the fatal shooting of JB's mother, which occurred off Jacks Branch Road in Cantonment.

Sergeant Rick Vinson said shots were heard around 11pm in the area of 901 River Annex Road on Tuesday night.

"Arriving Deputies located a deceased donkey along with a newborn foal. Upon investigation, it was determined that the donkey had been shot.

"Further investigation revealed that two suspects were seen in the area after the shots were heard. Deputies were then able to develop additional information that has led to a warrant affidavit being prepared for a white male juvenile for weapons offences and causing cruel death, pain and suffering to an animal."

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