Saturday, May 23, 2009

Their Fathers Ashes

A Poem, by ShadowPrisonPerson

Ash to Ash to Dust to Stone

Within the pages of a recent magazine interview,
Keith Richards finally admitted to snorting
a line of his dead father’s ashes. Upon hearing
this news, Robert Downey Jr.
Lindsay Lohan, Pete Doherty and Kate Moss
immediately begged to have their fathers cremated.

Founding Stones guitarist Brian Jones
used to take his father’s ashes swimming. Charlie Watts
uses two pencils to tap on the urn
that holds his father’s ashes and he’s been tapping
the same damn beat for forty years.

Keith Richards had the audacity to charge $175
for a back-row balcony-seat glimpse
of his father’s ashes during the first
of many farewell tours. Critics claim
that the ashes of Keith Richards’ father are merely evaporated
leftovers of muddy waters and are kept
in the same old urn that was stolen
from the ashes of Howling Wolf’s father.

The ashes of Keith Richards father can’t get no satisfaction.
They once sat on an Altamont stage, dumbfounded in the urn
while Keith launched into a guitar solo, as the Hell’s Angels
stabbed a man to death.

The ashes of Bill Wyman’s father spend each night
inside a barely-legal urn, an urn so young
that it’s often mistaken for his daughter’s ashes.

Tina Turner knows that the ashes of Mick Jagger’s father
have been laced with brown sugar and are kept
in an urn that’s painted, painted, painted,
painted black. The ashes of Mick Jagger’s father have allegedly
been mixed in the same urn as the ashes of David Bowie’s father
but no one will confirm or deny this rumour.

To this day, Mel Gibson’s dad denies
that Keith Richards’ father
was ever cremated, in the first place.


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