Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung, bats are gone, BUGS are Out - Oh My, its going to be a long hot summer

Without the bug-eating bats around, and living near the water, its going to be a very buggy summer. Already they are out in force. I got the feeling these two equines (Paco, the donkey & Lightning, the pony) will be spending the summer in the nice cool barn parked in-front of the fans; Dont they look cute with their new fly-masks on? They love wearing them so much, they practically walk into them for me.

They are both on diets. Lightning I call the Snuffleupagus cause man that little horse (or pony) can eat, he was fat when I got him and that huge belly you see has actually gone down since I have had him. Paco, well, he was starved so he has a tendency to overdo a little yet when allowed to "eat at will,"...and, they tell me, the last thing you want to do is let your donkey get fat. I have noticed that the first place they start to store their fat is in the crest of their neck, and if it gets too fatty, it will actually fall over. They call it a "broken crest" and once it breaks over its never coming back up again and it aint pretty! Also I am told because of their tiny little feet it is not good to let them get to heavy. Soooo, Paco goes on a diet too. They are doing "the buddy system." I give them hay three times a day spread out so they have to walk around.

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