Sunday, April 12, 2009

The New American Super Party

Are you fed up with a Congress and President who voted for a $500 billion tax bill without even reading it, passing trillions of dollars in debt to our great-grandchildren, giving special interest groups billions of dollars in earmarks to help get themselves re-elected, taking your hard-earned money and redistributing it to others, and demanding that doctors perform abortions against their will?

We are. That's why The Patriot Depot is doing everything we can to support the various Tax Day Tea Parties scheduled in cities around the country on April 15th. In fact, we're launching a national campaign to give our popular T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) bumper sticker away for free. To cover the cost of shipping and handling for each sticker, we are asking for an additional 87 cents. Our goal is to send a powerful message to Washington and blanket America with these bumper stickers. We also have T.E.A. yard and picket signs. And forward this email to your friends and family!

RETAIL $5.95 • ONLY $.87 Shipping & Handling • ORDER FREE T.E.A. Sticker!

RETAIL $25.00 • ONLY $19.95!

RETAIL $25.00 • ONLY $19.95!

RETAIL $94.95 • ONLY $39.95!
ORDER COMPLETE T.E.A. PARTY PACK! (3 Bumper Stickers, 1 Yard Sign, 2 Picket

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