Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ted Williams Dosent Get His Wish: Terms of Will Thwarted

Help Us Free Ted Williams From His Frozen Fate Tuesday, 4:54 AM

On July 5th 2002 at the age of 83, Ted Williams was pronounced dead as a result of heart failure. His body was secretly taken by private jet to Alcor in Scottsdale, Arizona where his head was decapitated from his body and than placed (both head and body) into liquid nitrogen. Ted Williams' eldest daughter, Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell fought against the process, saying that her dad had requested in his 1996 Will to be cremated and his ashes scattered off the Florida coast.

Currently, the greatest baseball player who ever lived, as well as a true American war hero, is being held captive and frozen in two separate metal devices at a cryonics laboratory in Scottsdale, Arizona. As you will learn, this disposition was not in his formal Last Will and Testament of December 1996, nor did he ever contract for such treatment. In short, Ted Williams' LAST WISH has been desecrated.

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