Friday, November 28, 2008

How I Spent the Morning All 4 Naught?

Now that I am all powered up again, I have just got to tell you what has just now happened to me while working hard away at this ole 'puter of mine. I spent the last couple of hours working at updating my on-line "EZWayBay" Tack & More Store, adding new stuff and also figuring that I would jump on the exploitation & commercicalization of christmas bandwagon this year and re-dress the window of the store to decorate it in the seasons traditional colors of greens, reds and blues. I was working on the text, carefully and meticously outlining and highlighting each individual letter, changing the colors from black to alternating greens & reds, i.e; one green letter, then one red, then green, then red again, and so on. After about a half an hour to forty-five minutes of working away at this tedious task, when I was nearly to the end of the page and almost completed, ..all of a sudden the power went out and everything shut down. It was back on in an instant, but I am not sure because I havent even checked yet, Im afraid I may have lost all my changes. What a distressing thought of having wasted all that precious time! I am hoping against hope that my ole 'puter may have caught them on automatic save, for I dont know if I feel like going all through that again. I am afraid to look but will go there now and see whats what and get back to you with the story and a link to the store, in case you all may wanna buy somethin from me and help out with all my good causes! Do you hear that famb-o-lee? Wish me luck!

Update: Here I am back again with a good report. All I can say is thank the techno-gods for auto-save! Click on title above to go to my newly decorated store and just SHOP BABY SHOP, SHOP HERE SHOP NOW! Its the Bush-way patriotic thing to do!

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