Sunday, June 19, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions......

Well toaay I think I have finally decided to forgo anymore chemo. I feel that I will not survive it. After only two rounds I feel myself weakening and its getting harder an harder to stay strong and maintain functionality. My body is "twisting," in on itself and I limp now,...needing that "used to be ornimentl" cane. I am losing physical control. Concerted efforrts are needed to maintain mobility. I force myself to exerzize,...I sing outloud to preserve my voice,and dance to strenghten my body,...2# dumbells in hand. I think this helps keep me strong and focused, my writing does for my mind...I think, therefore, I write.

I am changing diet to cancer fighting foods and am loading myself up with Vitimin D, garlic and other antitoxidents,...and am looking into getting the PH in my body right. I am pretty sure I wont be going back for anymore chemo,....I would much rather the disease took me than the cure. It just seems like the "more natural" way.

See: Dr. Leonard Coldwells THE ONLY CURE for Cancer;
Pt. 1;

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