Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Spotted Ass & Friend

Here is a very bad 15 second video of my new spotted ass, "Paco," and his mini-horse friend "Rascal." Two minutes before I ran outside with the cam to take the vid, they were running around like crazy playing with eachother. It is very hard to get this on film as everytime I come out and they see me they stop what they are doing thinking I have treats for them, which most of the time I do, but am learning it is not a good thing to give them treats everytime for then they will get spoiled and come to expect them and maybe cop an attitude if they dont get them. I like to keep them in suspense when it comes to when treat-time is. Sometimes I do and sometimes I dont give them.
As you watch (and listen) to the vid, dont mind my asthmatic breathing nor my deep throated "evil" laugh! I am laughing at Paco coming at me so "lickity-split" as he does, as if he were going to mow me down. I am sure he thought I had treats for him and was probably wondering what was that silly black-box looking thing I had in my hands holding up to him instead of carrots. He did stop when he got to me though, but I thought for a moment that he was going to eat the camera! lol
More and better pics of the new fur-kids coming soon.

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