Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leashing the Dogs

Well we got a big enough back yard alright, that is for the two little Lasha Apso dogs in our care. They have plently of room to run back there, but the problem is, they rarely ever do! I let them out to enjoy the sun and have a romp around, but all they seem to want to do is "their business" and then ask to come right back in. Sooo, I got the idea the other day to take them for a ride way out in the country somewhere, where it would be safe to let them have a real run. I was looking for someplace enclosed and away from the highways, where I wouldnt have to worry about them running into danger or if I called them and they wouldnt come.

I drove around for about 45 minutes til I came to a quiet cemetary well off from the main highway and was also well fenced. I was sure I had found the perfect place! I pulled in to see it was quite large and meticlously kept. I drove to the back towards a wooded section but as I was gettin ready to pull over and let the dogs out, I noticed "Dogs Must Be On Leashes" signs all over the place. Drat! I thought. That does it, we're going home! And then I had a second thought,......

I pulled the car over neath the shade of the trees, then got out and went round back of the car and opened up the hatchback to where the two dogs were anxiously waiting to go out for their romp. Good thing I bought leashes cause I most certainly didnt plan on using them this day, but thought to bring them along anyways, just in case. I attached the leashes to each dogs collar, a pink leash for "Emma" to match her pink collar and a blue leash for "George" to match his blue one. Then I ordered them out of the car, which they happily obliged. Then I told them,.. ""go on," "get," and "run," repeating it enthusiastically over and over for them to "go on, until that is just what they did. They commenced running and romping far and wide, stopping occasionally to sniff the new smells in the air and grasses, then running and going round and round again, in circles large and small. What fun they were having chasing eachother, .....and any squirrels, birds, chimpmunks or anything else that happened to catch their eyes. How cute they both looked running like crazy, two little white spots chasing eachother about on the bright green grass, running to beat the band,.... and dragging their colorful hot pink & powder blue leashes behind them! I figgered, what the heck,....what can anyone say? The dogs are, after all "on leashes." lol It is good to obey the laws, when practical.

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